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OEM Custom Eye Gel, Dark Circle Eye Cream Gel, Eye Bags Moisturizing and Soothing 096

OEM Custom Eye Gel, Dark Circle Eye Cream Gel, Eye Bags Moisturizing and Soothing 096

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Product Name: Eye Gel

Brand: Your Logo

Product Form: Gel

Certification: FDA/ MSDS

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Product Specification: 11*4*4CM

Product Weight: 15ML

Origin: China

Product Features:

1. Quantum-grade small molecule hyaluronic acid has high permeability and high hydrophilicity, which can moisturize and increase skin firmness at the same time.

2. Rejuvenate the eye area, strengthen the skin’s self-defense, and restore skin health.

3. Tighten the eye area, use polypeptide active collagen to smooth fine lines and smooth skin.How to store?

Adaptation symptoms:

1. Looking at the screen for a long time will cause eye fatigue and dryness.

2. If you wear eye makeup for a long time, the eye makeup is not completely removed.

3. Staying up late for a long time causes bags under the eyes and dark circles to worsen.

4. As you age, fine lines and dry lines appear around the eyes.

5. Wrong use of eye cream will increase the burden on the eyes and cause fat particles to grow.


1. Natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating

2. Quality assurance, no preservatives

3. No animal testing

4. Refreshing and easy to absorb, not greasy

5. Compared with eye cream, fat particles are not easily produced

How to store?

This Eye Gel should be stored in dry and cool place, please avoid the direct sunlight and deviate from any high temperature, keep out of reach of children!

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