Collection: OEM Body Scrub, Body Scrubber Customization

body scrub is a physical exfoliant that is usually either salt or sugar-based, used to remove dead skin cells from your skin. The abrasive ingredients (sugar, salt) are worked into the skin and work as a natural exfoliant, clearing the skin of older skin cells so your skin feels soft supple and nourished. Body scrub works by stimulating skin cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin, and can help restore’s skins natural moisture, prevent future acne breakouts, and make you feel great! 

There are plenty of body scrubs out there, for whatever your skin type may be, so you can find one that works for you to remove the dead skin cells without doing any harm to your skin. Body scrubs help restore your skin back to its natural, soft and supple state and are a great addition to any skincare routine.