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Eye gel is an aqua-based product, typically used in the morning, to refresh the undereye and reduce signs of puffiness. They are applied in the same way as a cream, with a few drops patted into the skin underneath the eye, onto a freshly washed face, using clean hands. Rubbing gel or cream into the skin can pull at the skin, which can be damaging for skin which lacks elasticity.

Just like eye creams, there are many benefits to using an eye gel.

Eye gel for dry eyes may be used as a daytime replacement to eye creams since gels leave a silky texture on the skin, perfect for applying layers of sun cream and make-up on top of a nourishing gel. Eye gel for puffy eyes likewise is the perfect daytime solution for tired eyes, with the fast-absorbing gel much harder to melt off throughout the day.

When deciding on eye gel vs eye cream, those with acne-prone skin may choose a gel, since it is lighter on the skin, can be more soothing, and absorbs easier than a cream-based product.