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What is hand lotion?

A hand lotion is a low viscosity product that is used to moisturise hard-working skin. The one major thing that can help you spot a lotion is the water content. They tend to have a thin consistency and a high percentage of water. Because of this consistency level, it can spread it quickly on a larger surface. Hand lotion provides a lighter option to use in the Summer months. When we talk about skin types, people with ‘normal’ skin type should opt for a hand lotion. However, we tend to offer hand creams, as we find them a better option for protecting and nourishing the skin.

What is hand cream?

Hand creams are a high – viscosity product specifically designed to be used on the hands, to soften and moisturise dry and cracked hands. The high viscosity of the hand cream means that they have a higher percentage of oil as compared to water. As a result, hand creams don’t have the runny texture of lotions and are thicker. These are recommended for people with dry skin as it helps in giving them extra coverage. Hand creams are used most commonly in winter. We’ve been creating luxury hand creams for decades and have received so much positive feedback about our Hand Cream collection.