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You want the best looking beard possible. You aim for facial hair that boosts your confidence, expresses your masculinity, and impresses others. And beard oil is one of the essential tools for any man in your situation.

What is beard oil? What does beard oil do? Do you need to use it? Because if so, you need to know how to use beard oil too.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a mixture of oils designed to be applied to your beard to improve its look and texture. It's often made from a base of jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil, or similar natural oils. Additional ingredients are added for scent, hair conditioning, and other benefits.

What Is Beard Oil Used For?

The purpose of beard oil is to keep your facial hair soft, smooth, shiny, and strong. Your beard tends to be much coarser and rougher than the hair on your head. This texture makes it more likely to dry out or break. 

What does beard oil do? It coats, conditions, and hydrates your facial hair by mimicking your body's natural oils.

The key to having a healthy and touchable beard is keeping it hydrated. Hydrated hair strands are softer, have a nice shine, and don’t tangle. As your beard grows, it will also prevent the skin underneath from staying moisturized, causing itchiness, flakes, and a less than desirable environment for beard growth.

If your beard feels rough, often has flyaways, or has developed a dull look, beard oil can help. It will restore a natural shine, smooth out the texture, and make it easier to style your facial hair.

Is Beard Oil Good for Hair?

Yes, beard oil is good for your hair. But that doesn't mean that you should necessarily use it on all of your hair.

Your beard hair is generally rougher and dryer than the hair on your head. That's part of why using beard oil is so important - it attracts moisture, softens your whiskers, and prevents dryness. 

But you may not want to add oil to the hair on your head, especially if you already tend to have oily hair and scalp. However, for men with dry skin, using beard oil on your hair can be beneficial.

If you want to try using beard oil on your hair, start with just a few drops. Brush it through thoroughly and massage it into your scalp as well. Less is more - you want to see how your hair and scalp react. Be especially aware of any irritation that the product may cause.

If you find that the oil helps your hair stay shiny, hydrated, and smooth - fantastic! If it gives you too much of a greasy look or the feel is wrong for your hair style, try a different natural hair styling product such as clay pomade or hair gel.

Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

The way your beard grows is linked directly to your genetics. That includes its thickness, texture, and growth pattern. Those elements of your beard cannot be changed by a grooming product.

Beard oil can contribute to healthy hair growth, however, by keeping your facial hair and the skin beneath it healthy and hydrated. This ensures that growth continues at the highest rate possible and dryness or breakage are prevented.