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What Are Hair Growth Serums?

Walking into any hair product aisle, you will find a great variety of hair serums for different needs. Ones that target frizzy, dry hair or different scalp conditions, like itching. What most hair serums have in common is that they are light, liquid hair products applied either directly on your scalp or the lengths of your hair.

Hair Growth Serums help stimulate growth at the root by targeting the hair follicles. These products are formulated with potent ingredients that help to stimulate hair growth and extend the growing period of each strand of hair, which means less shedding. The best hair growth serums are based on clinically proven active ingredients for hair growth.

Hair serum for hair growth can work by stimulating the follicles to grow more hairs. Some hair serums are intended to grow your hair strands thicker, giving you the appearance of voluminous hair. Some can even encourage hair growth on balding patches where you don’t have any hair.

Often there are other added benefits of using hair serum beyond growing out your hair. Typically, the best hair serums are fortified with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for healthy hair and scalp.