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Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch, Salicylic Acid Acne Patch, Invisible Acne Mark Acne Patch Factory 088

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch, Salicylic Acid Acne Patch, Invisible Acne Mark Acne Patch Factory 088

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The main component of hydrocolloid acne patches - hydrophilic colloids

1. The main component of hydrocolloid acne patch is a highly hydrophilic colloid, abbreviated as hydrocolloid.

2. The hydrocolloid is formed by heating and stirring Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium particles (CMC), hypoallergenic medical viscose, elastomer, plasticizer, etc. Its surface is coated with a semi permeable polymer film structure. It has a strong ability to absorb exudates and is a widely used material in the field of wound care.

3. After contacting with wound exudate, hydrocolloid can absorb Exudate and form a gel, which ensures the wet environment of the wound and is conducive to wound healing. At the same time, the Semipermeable membrane structure on the surface can allow the exchange of oxygen and water vapor, but it is also barrier to external particulate matters such as dust and bacteria.

The characteristics of hydrocolloid acne patches

1. Medical grade materials, tested for biocompatibility through SGS, have low allergy rates and can also be used for sensitive skin.

2. Waterproof and breathable.

3. The product is as thin as 0.25mm and adheres firmly to the skin.

4. The product is a light yellow semi transparent colloid with invisible effect and does not affect its appearance.

5. Tea tree essential oil, mint essential oil, aloe vera essential oil, etc. can be added to the product.

Steps for using hydrocolloid acne patches

1. Clean and dry the skin around acne.

2. According to the size of the acne, use tweezers to remove the acne patch.

3. Align the center of the acne patch with the acne patch.

4. Gently press on the edge of the acne with your fingertips for about 5 seconds to make it stick more firmly.

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