Collection: Private Label Sakura Cherry Blossom Whitening Moisturizing Serum Manufacturer

This Sakura Serum has potent bioactive compounds with beneficial effects on the skin, including anti-glycation, stimulation of fibroblast collagen production, moisturizing, whitening and other beautifying and anti-aging benefits.

Cherry blossoms are known as Sakura flowers in Japan and are considered a highly revered cultural symbol that reflects beauty.

Sakura extract reinforces moisturisation at its optimal level and provides necessary comfort. It preserves the essence of youth and acts as a shield against pollution and external aggressions. “Anti-glycation” is an important approach in preventing aging while promoting healthy, youthful skin.

The serum contains multiple plant essences for your skin care:

  1. Sodium Hyaluronate: promotes skin elasticity, anti wrinkle moisturizer
  2. Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C: whiten and remove freckle, brighten skin
  3. Tremella Fuciformis: antioxidation, nourish skin deeply
  4. Prunus Mume Fruit Extract: improve to form collagen, anti wrinkle, anti aging