Hand Lotion VS Hand Cream

Hand Lotion VS Hand Cream

Maintaining hydrated skin is crucial for continued skin care, although this can be a difficult process at times. There are a tonne of goods on the market at the moment. Thus, how can you choose between spending money on hand cream and moisturizing lotion? Here's where we get involved.

You can make an informed decision by learning more about each and its advantages and disadvantages with the aid of our comprehensive guide. Shall we begin by getting started?

What Is Hand Lotion?

A low viscosity product called a hand lotion is used to hydrate the skin of those who work hard all day. The water content is the one significant factor that can aid in identifying a lotion. They frequently contain a large amount of water and have a thin consistency. This consistency level allows it to spread more quickly over a bigger area. During the summer, hand lotion offers a less heavy option. When it comes to skin kinds, those who have "normal" skin should use hand lotion. But since we believe hand creams are a better choice for nourishing and protecting the skin, we usually recommend them.

What Is Hand Cream?

High-viscosity products called hand creams are made especially to be applied to the hands in order to soften and moisturize dry, cracked hands. The hand cream's high viscosity indicates that there is more oil in it than there is water. Because of this, hand creams are thicker and lack the lotion's thin consistency. Those with dry skin should use them since they assist provide additional covering. Winter is when hand moisturizers are most frequently used. We have been producing high-end hand creams for many years, and our Naturally European line has garnered great reviews.

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Difference between cream and lotion

The product's consistency can be used to distinguish between cream and lotion. Hand creams with a high oil content will have a much thicker texture. Because it contains a lot of water, body lotions will be thinner.

Lotion vs. cream has been the subject of a long-running controversy. Know all the distinctions between them before attempting to choose one. Not to mention various consistencies, let's discuss utilization.

Since the light texture of these lotions prevents hands from feeling oily or sticky, many people choose to use them in the summer. Conversely, creams with a thicker consistency are typically heavier and more greasy.

Lastly, lotions will be rapidly absorbed by your skin, which is a noticeable change. But heavier, shea butter-rich creams will stay on your skin longer and form a shield, making them the perfect option for winter.

Can you use body lotion for hands?

You can use body lotions on your hands, and using a single product is definitely more convenient. But remember that occasionally our hands require a fuller texture, and body lotions' thin formulation may not be enough. In addition, hand lotions contain certain compounds, such lactic acid, which work to hydrate the harder areas of your skin, like your elbows and other areas. It's important to remember that not all body lotions contain this component.

Can you use hand cream on your face?

One common misperception is that hand creams are suitable for use on the face. Your face's sensitive skin was not intended for hand cream's thick consistency. It might even cause pimples or blemishes to break out. Additionally, there are a few ingredients to be cautious about. Lactic acid, which is present in hand creams, can irritate sensitive skin.

Benefits of hand lotion and hand creams

Using lotions and creams is an inexpensive way to give yourself all the pampering you need. Other than just feeling good, there are tons of other benefits that come with lotions too. 

  • Lotions and creams can help in rehydrating dry skin. If weather conditions are cold or dry, skin can be adversely impacted. Some people can suffer from skin irritation because of heat as well as the cold. Lotions and hand cream will provide relief. 
  • Rough areas like elbows and knees can hugely benefit from a little moisturising hand lotion or cream. A perfect way to make your skin free from rough and dry spots. 
  • Regularly applying a cream will help soften hard skin and make it easier to reduce dry skin. Calluses are a common occurrence for people who tend to be on their feet a lot, and our Naturally European hand cream can be used to great effect on feet.
  • Thick hand creams will provide your skin with an extra barrier in winters. This barrier will give your skin all the protection it needs. 
  • Lotions and creams are a great way to feel pampered with the lasting scent of your favourite fragrance.

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